Devonshire was formed at the height of the great recession, fueled by the gravity and opportunity of the times. From humble beginnings through five years of sustained success, we are shaped by three critical points of difference. 


We believe in delivering meaningful returns to our investors by aligning the interests of fiduciaries, shareholders and fund management in an environment built on insight and integrity. Our greatest desire is to help our clients, partners, tenants and employees flourish.


Your money should remain your money. It’s our job to grow it and only then share in the rewards. Commission-paying REITs typically take 14%-25% of every dollar off the top by simply making transactions. This puts the investor at a tremendous disadvantage, and in our view is just plain wrong. Devonshire has never paid a commission or charged an asset based fee. We’re committed to putting 99.5% of every dollar invested directly to work for you.


People are the fuel that propels our purpose & philosophy into action. Acquiring, financing, managing and consistently profiting from commercial real estate requires exceptional insight, execution and relationship skill across a wide swath of disciplines. Our remarkable management team averages 25 years of individual experience, and more than $2 billion in combined properties acquired, developed and sold.

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